Gary McGaghey Poised to Define the Internet in Financial Terms

Gary McGaghey is a builder of excellent teams. CFOs are numbers oriented individuals who can use numbers as the carrot and and they can us numbers as the stick. Numbers and CFO’s help guide logical decisions. With creative products and global market scales to boot, a corporate integration of financial principles is right up Gary McGaghey’s alley at Williams Lea Tag.

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CFO’s in 2022 must keep up with the pressures of Covid and the changing landscapes of commerce. Everything can change on a dime. The big picture has to be a lot more fluid than it once was. Strong financial guidance falls on the shoulders of the CFO. Navigating changes in important tax changes, employee recruitment and retention, product pricing variables: all of these are issues that get Gary McGaghey out of bed in the morning.

Gary’s teams are his strength. How he shares and executes the vision for each segment of his duties is centered in an appreciation for the products. Speed to market and speed to communicate are Gary’s mantra. With a pool of talent that is scarce and finicky and a congress of CEO’s with whom Gary must oversee, advise, and execute financially, Gary is poised to be the MVP CFO of 2022.

At Tag, employees and clients collaborate in a global synthesis mixed with the internet, smart phones and other devices. As CFO, Gary McGaghey, has to have a strong agenda. With 5 CEO’s globally to work with, Gary McGaghey is the only CFO on the roster. His accumulation of corporate finance skills with Unilever, Pepsico helped navigate logistics and financial issues successfully. The mission and the experience match up well for this company, this CFO, and these times.