Haroldo Jacobovicz, the Entrepreneur and Civil Engineer

Haroldo Jacobovicz was born in Curitiba in Brazil in 1961. Jacobovicz came from a family where he was the eldest of four brothers. He is a civil engineer, entrepreneur, and investor who is passionate about information technology and the telecommunication industry. Haroldo Jacobovicz studied his childhood education at Colégio Stella Maris and later proceeded to Elementary and High School at Colégio Militar. He followed his father’s footsteps to become a civil engineer. In 1979 Jacobovicz attended the Federal University of Paraná, where he studied civil engineering and later graduated in 1983. In 1985 he joined Esso, an American oil distribution company where he served as a reserve salesman. He was later transferred to the South region, where he worked as a market analyst before he was moved to Exxon Mobil Corporation headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, where he was in charge of commercial tactics.

In 1986 Haroldo Jacobovicz returned to Curitiba, where he served as an advisor to the technical board at Itaipu Hydroelectric Power plant. He later moved to company Minauro in 1990, a company that was involved in leasing and maintaining computers.

In 2010 Haroldo Jacobovicz founded Horizons Telecom after he had built enough experience. It is a telecommunication supplier company that uses fiber networks in its operation. Horizons Telecoms services have gained popularity in Brazil, making it one of the most respected companies in the country. Jacobovicz later founded the e-Governe Group and Horizons Datacenter in 2020 with the aim of solving information technology problems.

Being an entrepreneur and investor in the technology and civil construction industry, Jacobovicz built a Rock Café restaurant in Brazil, an American franchise worldwide. Jacobovicz success came from hard work, commitment, talent, and working diligently towards his goals. The advice he gives the young entrepreneurs and investors mirrors what he would give to his younger self.

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