Krishen Iyer Understands Simplicity

Krishen Iyer has spent more than 20 years working in the insurance and consultancy industry. He recently founded MAIS Consulting to better fulfill his vision of a data-driven, care-centered, totally personalized consulting experience. A native of California, Krishen Iyer graduated from San Diego University with a Bachelor of the Arts in Public Administration and Urban Development. Shortly thereafter, he proved himself successful in the field of insurance sales. 


He is reckoned for being a person with a keen and inquisitive mind he leveraged his ambition to care more greatly for his local community and founded his first business Name My Premium Insurance, in 2009. Krishen Iyer’s determination and uncommon ability to work with others made the company a quick success. In 2015 it was included in the Inc. 5000 list at the remarkable position of #1721.


He has informed how, inspired by his success the serial entrepreneur founded his second company, Managed Benefits Services, to provide full-service marketing-based consultancy as well as long-term strategic support. Krishen Iyer’s most inspiring accomplishment to date is MAIS Consulting. Based in Encinitas, California, his company specializes in creating solutions for insurance distribution clients. 

These include optimized digital media exposure and sustainable revenue increase. What makes the outstanding entrepreneur Krishen Iyer different is his focus on simplicity and his understanding that simple solutions require complex understandings. The difficulty for digital marketing, he explains, is that most professionals are either unwilling or simply, “do not understand the paradox in its strategy.” A member of the community, Krishen Iyer serves both the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Wounded Warriors Project when he is not spending time with his family.