Profile of Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez started up her organization Roc Nation in order to help people realize their dreams. She founded the company with five other people including Jay Z in order to help others get into the entertainment industry. Today, her organization is one of the leading entertainment management companies that work with recording artists, athletes and actors get projects and advance their careers.

After managing nightclubs for 15 years, Desiree Perez looked to start her own business that would give her the flexibility and opportunity to get involved in the entertainment industry. Perez used her knowledge and experience managing nightclubs in order to start up her company and help her clients find better opportunities in their careers in entertainment.

While she was managing nightclubs, she learned how finances work in entertainment venues and how to best manage them. Her ability to manage finances prompted her to help entertainers better manage their finances as well as making her company profitable.

When she first started her company, she served as the chief operating officer and held this title for ten years. Today, she is now the chief executive officer where she oversees the general management of the company. As the top level manager of the company, Desiree Perez has mentioned that serving at this position has earned her the trust of many people that she loves and respects. To her, this was more important than her job title.

Today, Desiree Perez is still heavily involved in a number of essential tasks for Roc Nation. She is involved in many tasks such as managing finances, supervising new projects and starting up new ventures. As well as managing all of the operations for her company, Perez is also committed to social justice causes as well. One of the ways in which she contributes to this cause is by giving scholarships to young people who are interested in educational programs that prepare them for a career in entertainment. She also provides support to families who have been victims of police brutality as well. Roc Nation has been established as an organization that uses its influence to address social issues as well as developing the future generation of entertainers.